An effortless rebrand for a wireless industry leader
Belazor Technologies, Inc provides a variety of top quality services in the wireless industry, specializing in antenna & line installation. The company also offers 3-week courses, paid internships, and all its experience to attract qualified professionals to the wireless construction market.
Belazor came to us wanting to attract young professionals to the wireless industry. The solution? A large-scale, corporate rebranding that dared to be different. Belazor’s aesthetics and identity had to be bright and exciting. Their new website had to breathe new life into an old industry and inspire you to leave your details to join the future.
Developing a multi-faceted user experience that inspired action started with a new logo: an image of a goose in flight - symbolic of fast signal transmission, height, and freedom.
Going against the industry grain with a red, blue, and yellow color scheme also opened up endless opportunities for further identity development. Everything that followed was integrated firmly into the corporate identity, including unique icons and stunning employee portraits.
Business card
Commercial proposal
Turning focus onto the website, all the rebranded materials were integrated and content was designed so it addressed all potential questions, whilst smoothly guiding the visitor through the entire page to the contact form at the bottom.
Back-end specs were chosen with care, ensuring the website had the most productive and functional set of tools. Rellax.js added smooth parallax scrolling to the site. Swiper.js helped set up the slider. GSAP was used to create animations. Transitions and animations between individual blocks kept the navigation and overall experience light and bright.
Product roadmap
Information arhitecture
Responsive web design
Design System
Video concept
Give Belazor Tech an identity that sharply contrasted against the industry standard
The logo, illustrations, and employee portraits all chimed together in harmony, bursting with life and color. Telecommunications towers against the backdrop of natural landscapes developed a unique brand concept, adding to it the spirit of freedom. Wireless construction became cool.
The result
days to complete the project
team members involved in the creation process
Awwwards - Honorable Mention
Behance - Interaction
Efir Media proved to be a high quality "turn-key" branding & website agency. They have created an amazing brand for our company and our entire team is extremely proud of it. Wireless construction company web presence has never looked so good. We constantly get compliments about it both from our clients and from potential employees.
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