Website renovation for high-end car rental company
Ultraviolet Way is a high-end car rental company based in California. Their collection contains some of the world’s most famous and sophisticated muscle, sports, and luxury cars such as the McLaren 720S, Ferrari 812, and Mercedes Brabus G550.
Ultraviolet Way wanted to develop a stylish and modern website to match their sophisticated in-house collection. The on-site experience had to ooze equal amounts of class and performance, compelling anyone from affluent individuals to top producers of production companies who rent cars for filming. From the moment someone landed on the homepage, the ability to apply for a rental also had to be just a few clicks away.
We regularly monitor web competition body Awwwards, where the desire to make everything bigger has been one of the main trends for several years. Large-scale typography. Large-scale visuals. Stunning interactive elements. These all attract the user's attention and immerse them in rich, vibrant content. Such sites look especially impressive on large- format monitors.Ultraviolet Way wanted a website optimized for desktop viewing.The cars were beautiful.The solution was clear: we went big.
Product roadmap
Information arhitecture
Responsive web design
Design System
Video concept
Front-end development
Custom Wordpress CMS implementation
We started sketching different versions for the homepage and presented UV with two versions initially: one short and simple design with a listing of models, and the other a more spectacular gallery view with a slider and description of each model. Both got the green light, so we kept both views available to the user to change between. Our goal was then to make the website as user- friendly as possible so a UV administrator could add a new car to the collection, collect requests, and review statistics.With this in mind, we started developing with WordPress and chose ACF for easy data editing. Front-end: Responsive Images, Vue.js web application development framework, Nuxt.js framework for Vue.js faster and convenient development, GSAP animation, Three.js transformation. Back-end: W3 Total Cache and WP REST Cache, EWWW Image Optimizer.
A brand new website tailored to wealthy clients and industry professionals
The presentation of the new website was given at a private party whose guests included representatives of major film production companies. We're not sure if Dwayne Johnson attended, but soon after the presentation, Ultraviolet Way cars were featured in the HBO “Ballers” series starring Johnson himself.
The result
days to complete the project
team members involved in the creation process
Behance - Interaction
Awwwards - Site of the Day
Behance - Adobe XD
CSS Awards - Site Of The Day
Impressing the internal staff, the team built a website that was intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. Their enthusiasm and communicative approach to the development allowed them to meet client and consumer expectations. They gave regular updates, cultivating a close relationship.
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