A striking landing page for complex blockchain ideas
A leading 2D, 3D and frame-by-frame animation studio that helps businesses tell unique visual stories. They specialize in blockchain and cryptocurrency, turning their clients’ ideas into concise, 60-second videos ready to transform the world.
Lemons were launching a special offer for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) and companies in the blockchain sphere, providing easy-to-follow animation videos to explain complex blockchain concepts. They needed an equally special landing page to drive leads. This is where we jumped in.
The landing page was kept minimal in order to maximize the impact. We designed a sleek UX that led users smoothly through the benefits of animation videos, Lemons’ previous work and their approach. The subtle, on-page animations decorated the different sections without distracting, culminating in a contact form at the bottom. Complex ideas can be simple. Less is often more.
Product roadmap
Information arhitecture
Responsive web design
Design System
Video concept
Front-end development
Custom Wordpress CMS implementation
To produce a clean and vibrant UX throughout, we started development with Vue.js using Jquery and Hummer.js, making the scrolling process not just pleasant, but professional. The animation was made with GSAP.
Acquire targeted leads in the easiest and most natural way
A simple and minimal page design was prescribed. Typography was extremely important and we made sure the visitor grasped every takeaway point with ease. We also maximized the potential for lead capture by placing a subtle call to action throughout the page.
The result
days to complete the project
team members involved in the creation process
Thanx God that I found Efir Media on Behance.net - personal touch, unique approach, and 24/7 online. Totally satisfied with the result.
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