World’s first blockchain-backed fantasy sports platform
MyDFS is a blockchain-based, daily fantasy sports (DFS) solution that connects sports fans around the world with a transparent and easy-to-use platform suitable for players and investors. They bring the disruptive potential of blockchain, smart contracts and Ethereum-based cryptocurrency tokens to the growing $18b+ fantasy sports market.
MyDFS wanted to revolutionize the industry with modern technology and bring fantasy into the future. They came to us needing: UX Design The common transactional, legal, and UX challenges solved UI Design A transparent and intuitive app design Marketing Promo websites for marketing and traffic
We identified important bottlenecks and UI problems by working directly with real sports fans of different ages and varying sporting knowledge. This allowed us to devise a simplified interface that suited any kind of gamer. Beginners were offered a gradual onboarding process that eased the learning curve, and more experienced users benefitted from a new, streamlined and uncluttered interface with functional filters that enhanced their experience.This helped us lower the user entry bar, whilst simultaneously raising the fantasy industry bar.
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Fast user verification Instead of enduring complicated verification procedures, users could be authorized with just two input fields: their email and their cryptocurrency wallet they automatically received upon signup. Open to all countries, territories, and nationalities, everyone was welcome to explore their fantasy world. Fast and worry-free transactions Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain, smart contracts, and the cryptocurrency, people could buy or sell their tokens and receive their winnings almost instantly. Smart contracts made sure every transaction on the platform was properly verified, publicly accessible and executed at lightning-speed. Transparent gaming and fair play Every game on the platform was held to the rules dictated by the smart contract. This meant that each transaction could be monitored by anyone involved or interested, and players were also fully protected. Even though other people could view their transactions, their identities remained completely anonymous. Investor-friendly, profitable gaming Users were also invited to use our brokerage technology to invest in other fantasy players and share their winnings. Leveraging the transparency of smart contracts as well, this meant investors could be sure that players didn’t use their money for anything except the games they’d agreed to participate in.
A revolution in fantasy.
We created an industry-defining app that made the overall process of DFS playing easy, transparent and fully secure. A quick tutorial game and interaction design of the MyDFS app also helped new users understand the platform in no time. Based on fan feedback, we ensured user progress, teams, news and other key stats were located in one place. The minimal, gamer-focused design of the main screen decluttered what users were used to and presented them with a fresh UI designed with them in mind. Giving fantasy a facelift and highlighting the new, innovative character of MyDFS, we also designed more than 200 custom icons for this groundbreaking brand to use throughout their app, website and collateral.
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